cultpass details

How does pause work?
cultpass are built to give you the flexibility you need! Each cultpass comes with a fixed number of pause days. You can pause your cultpass as many times... Read More
Can I book classes while my cultpass ELITE is paused?
You cannot book classes while your cultpass pack is paused. If you book classes during this period, you may be asked to pay for the class. You will be able ... Read More
Can I resume my paused membership before time?
If you've had a change of heart and would like to resume your membership manually before the selected end date, just head to the membership pack page a... Read More
How many pause days do I have left?
You can find this information here: From the app Go to your Profile from the Home page Active Packs/Subscriptions Tap on your active Cult pack... Read More
How can I check the validity of my cultpass ELITE?
Simply head over to your Profile from the Home tab and select your cultpass from Active Packs/Subscriptions. You will get details of all your active packs. Read More
Where can I find details about my current and previously purchased cultpass ELITE ?
From the Home tab of the app, tap on your profile and select Active Packs/Subscriptions. You will get details of all your active packs. For past purchases, ... Read More
Switching to/from monthly cultpass ELITE subscription
If you want to switch to monthly payments from your current pack, you can buy a monthly subscription only after your current membership expires. If you wan... Read More
I'm moving to a different city. Can I transfer my cultpass ELITE to that city?
Of course you can! Please know that cultpass are priced differently in different cities. When we transfer your cultpass, the final validity of your cultp... Read More
Can I transfer my cultpass ELITE multiple times?
Cultpass transfer once done cannot be undone. Likewise, cultpass ELITE  can only be transferred once. 
Can I upgrade my cultpass from SELECT to UNLIMITED?
Welcome to the world of flexibility! With a cultpass ELITE you can now get Free access to any center in the city Free access to centers Upto... Read More